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Our Story
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We are California born, but our roots are southern! We began our cooking journey in New Orleans, LA, with the help of our lovely grandmother.  She taught us that love, family, and positive energy can exist in one place through delicious meals. After receiving so many compliments from our family and friends, cooking had soon become a passion of ours.  As we grew older, our love for cooking grew as well; we landed our first job in the restaurant industry, with the hopes of becoming restaurant owners.

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There's an old saying that goes, "All good things must come to an end," however, we did not accept that. The more we pursued our passion, the more we learned about the demands of the industry. Often, we contemplated giving up and neglecting our dream, but we remembered the overwhelming support of our grandmother and other family members. After feeling helpless and depressed about our future in the cooking industry, the universe sent us a stubborn puppy who refused to eat traditional dog food. Struggling to find a solution, we decided to research other options for canines to eat. We discovered that we could make dog-friendly meals that were tasty and resembled our human food. As we played around in the kitchen, we learned that making delicious meals for dogs was our improved passion. 

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